Earned Media – ‘Buffalo Business First,’ ‘Buffalo Law Journal’

Buffalo Business First Law JournalThis story in “Buffalo Business First,” which was also repurposed by the editors for use in “Buffalo Law Journal,” was one result of the culmination of our six-month media relations database project. We researched the media markets in each of about 50 countries to determine what approach would be best to take – localized, regional, national, trade, etc. Then we mined and captured the names and contact information for key editors, in order to be able to target local media in each country.

We created dynamic tags to enable us to merge our media contacts database with our mass email system. This allowed us to send a large number of emails that were still well targeted. We enjoyed more than 100 articles in traditional media across the U.S. during the first week of our U.S. release. The social media response was immeasurable.

“Buffalo Business First” is a weekly business paper in Buffalo, N.Y., with a circulation of about 22,000. “Buffalo Law Journal” is a twice-weekly magazine covering the legal industry in Buffalo, N.Y., with a circulation of about 1,000 legal executives.

Click here to view a PDF of their coverage.


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