Traveling T-shirts promote Piedmont brand


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Lois Trotter, R.N., saw her staff in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit infused with energy by the rebranding of Piedmont Healthcare and its entities. So she introduced a new competition among her staff to encourage their involvement.

“I’m always trying to think of something that gets all the employees involved. I thought about the little Travelocity gnome, so I told them that whenever they go somewhere, they should take their T-shirt and get a photo,” said Trotter.

So Traveling T-shirts was born. Trotter’s staff takes their shirts with them whenever they vacation, and grab a snapshot of the Piedmont brand wherever they are.

“I think it’s a good idea because it promotes Piedmont,” said Zenaida Depalobos, R.N., who recently took a European cruise. “The first thing I packed was my shirt.”

In France, Spain and Italy, she posed at monuments and tourist attractions with her T-shirt, prompting questions from passersby.

“I was in a crosswalk in Barcelona, Spain, and a lot of people were crossing the street and wondering what I was doing with that shirt,” Depalobos said. So this brand ambassador abroad told them about Piedmont.

The department set up a board to share their photos of their travels and see how far the new logo can go.

“It forges a connection between team members simply by sparking conversation, and does the same between patients and staff members,” Trotter said. “Visitors like looking at photos of employees, and it contributes to staff morale.”

Soon, Piedmont will drive up to Toronto with Juliette Meadows, R.N., and fly over to South Africa with Dennis Zengara, R.N. Other staff members will soon travel to the Greek Isles, and to locations within the U.S., as well. Trotter said it’s a friendly competition that has definitely caught the staff’s attention.

And Depalobos said she received comic feedback staff members from other nursing units: “They said I wish I was the one who was with you, not the T-shirt.”



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