BEST team reviews employee discounts across system

Piedmont Dining will launch standardized employee discounts in Piedmont hospital cafeterias on Oct. 15.

This initiative was developed through the BEST Program, which stands for Better Efficiency through Service Transformation. It leverages Piedmont Healthcare’s size, scope and internal resources to promote “systemness” and better position leaders to develop and share best practices to reduce variation and increase quality across the health system.

As part of this process, Piedmont will offer a 10 percent discount at checkout to all employees wearing their employee badge; the rate that Piedmont Atlanta Hospital has honored for several years. Unfortunately, the cost was too high to extend larger discounts previously offered by other Piedmont hospital cafeterias across the system. So at entities that previously offered a discount higher than 10 percent, Piedmont Dining will analyze food costs and, when appropriate, lower the prices.

“As we move towards becoming one Piedmont, standardizing our food service pricing across all entities helps us to achieve uniformity inherent within a system,” said Mark Galvin, director of Nutrition and Food Services at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. “We are dedicated to offering tasty, nutritious food at excellent prices.”

Standardization will allow the system to streamline employee benefits programs, to more accurately forecast costs for budgetary consideration and to ensure equity in discounts for all.

“Variation across the system makes it difficult for Piedmont Healthcare to be the most efficient organization we can be, and need to be, for an unpredictable future,” said Nathan Nipper, chief operating officer of Piedmont Newnan Hospital, who is the executive sponsor for this initiative. “Variation impacts everything from staffing to contract negotiations to planning.  System standards save resources, increase quality, improve satisfaction of visitors and unite the Piedmont family.”


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