Cardiovascular Services offers continuing quality, new comforts

When Dr. M. Vinayak Kamath was named Director of Cardiovascular Services at Georgia Health Sciences Health System, he began to examine the organization. Now, he says, the enterprise is moving to expand and improve its services in a variety of ways.

“People have been so gracious. Everyone is on board and things are moving along,” he said.
Kamath’s needs analysis focused on improving comfort and convenience for patients, who already choose GHS for its quality of care.

“Comfort has never been emphasized. Everything from the temperature of the food to the cleanliness of the bathroom to communicating with the families. Sometimes, these things can make or break an institution,” Kamath said.

Kamath urges students and clinicians to remember that the medical center doesn’t just care for organs or systems, but also for patients and their families.

“Families are an integral part of patients’ care and recovery,” he said. “We are making every effort to encourage their participation.”

He and his faculty and staff have worked to reduce clinic wait times, to schedule appointments within 48 hours, and to block appointments with tests and studies so that everything can be completed on the same day. This increases convenience for local patients, but also makes it more likely that a patient from Swainsboro or Athens might choose the medical center over another institution.

Cardiovascular Services is also coordinating with Home Health Services for a seamless exchange of planning and continued care, and is printing brochures with maps to assist visitors and patients in finding their way around the clinical campus.

“The bottom line is to provide the best quality care, but these other things need to be taken care of,” Kamath said.

The department will also welcome two new cardiologists: Dr. Will Maddox, formerly of the University of Alabama-Birmingham, and Dr. Pascha E. Schafer, formerly of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

“They bring special talents to our team,” Kamath said.

The medical center has already seen an increase in patient volume that Kamath expects will balloon over time. “We provide the best possible care for our patients in a comfortable, cost-effective and respectful of the patient’s time.”


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