Matthews assumes bookstore management

The GHSU bookstore will be managed by Matthews Medical and Scientific Books as of Feb. 1.

Big changes will soon hit the bookstore – but you may not even notice. The Student Center location is under new management by Matthews Medical and Scientific Books, a retail company that operates health science bookstores.

“The GHSU Bookstore was limited in the options it could provide for students, faculty and staff,” said Dale Hartenburg, Director of Student & Auxiliary Services. “Matthews offers us the ability to extend services on several different platforms.”

Beginning with the fall semester, the bookstore will carry used books as they become available and will offer a book buy-back program. The company will implement an online bookstore website, which should roll out this month. The secure site will be customized for the GHSU campus and offer books, academic and medical supplies, clothing, gifts and more. In addition, Matthews will investigate a book rental program and e-book sales.

“These are services which students have requested at GHSU, and are in line with campus bookstores nationwide,” Hartenburg said.

Some aspects of bookstore operations will change. Employees of the bookstore will become Matthews employees as of Feb. 1. The bookstore now accepts GHSU P-Cards. However, Inter-Department Requests (IDR’s) are no longer accepted.

Matthews currently manages more than 29 academic health center bookstores across the country, including the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the St. Louis University Health and Science Center.

GHSU and Matthews have a long history together. Prior to the changeover, Matthews had been the bookstore’s largest distributor since the 1970s, and the bookstore had used the company’s inventory control software since 1987.


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