Online bill pay system makes cents

Patients of Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center may now pay their medical bills during an attack of insomnia, if they choose. The medical center has implemented an online billing system available through

The new system, designed in partnership with McKesson, allows patients to view their activity, pay their bill online and communicate with the billing department to correct their insurance information or change their contact information.
Sixty-four million American households regularly use online bill paying services, and online payments are predicted to equal mail-in payments in 2012.

“Add the sheer number of users to the convenience and the potential for increased collections, and there’s a compelling reason for Georgia Health Sciences to implement this system,” said Randy Murphy, Assistant Vice President of Ambulatory Nursing.

In the past, the health system has fielded complaints from patients who found their paper bills difficult to comprehend, so the health system convened a committee driven by Patient Care Advisors to help redesign them. The result was enhanced detail and rephrasing itemized charges so laypeople could better understand. But customers also wanted convenience, and so online billing was adopted.

“There are seismic changes happening in the way people pay their bills. Companies that create a comprehensive plan to manage through this change can reduce costs, improve collections and drive customer satisfaction,” Murphy said.

All of this can result in faster payments and increased efficiency for the health system, greater convenience and transparency for the consumer and added goodwill all around. And that translates into higher patient collection rates.

“Naturally, people are more and more computer savvy, but we’ll also take advantage of the opportunity to build trust with and improve convenience for our patients,” Murphy said.


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