Power of giving amplified by cooperation

Never underestimate the power of a few committed people. Georgia Health Sciences hopes to harness the power of its employees for the annual charitable giving campaign that will run through Dec. 31.

Called “Stand Up-Stand Out: Be Inspired, Be Involved, Be Invested,” the campaign supports enterprise-wide goals quickly and effectively by focusing on the enterprise’s philanthropic priorities: building an education commons, renovating the Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center and bolstering research.

Dr. Ricardo Azziz, President of Georgia Health Sciences University and CEO of Georgia Health Sciences Health System, explained that the priorities represent a laser focus on institutional growth.

“For the enterprise to grow, we need to attract researchers,” Azziz said. “To attract researchers, we need space. To build space, we need philanthropy.”

Susan Barcus, Senior Vice President for Advancement and Community Relations/Chief Development Officer, noted that employee giving “is a powerful way to build greatness from within. We are very excited about the opportunities our employee giving program offers, opportunities for the GHS family to support students, build new facilities, fund cutting-edge research and improve patient care.”

And employee giving impacts other forms of philanthropy. For example, the percentage of employee investment serves as a benchmark for many grant-writing organizations.

Tricia Perea, Information Designer for Institutional Effectiveness, has given in years past to programs with which she feels a connection. She has seen how even a little bit of money can make a difference – and when people give together, it adds up.

“I think philanthropy is even more important now during hard times. In prosperous times, we can find funds elsewhere. So if you can give, it seems you have a greater responsibility to do so,” Perea said.

Dr. Julian Nussbaum, Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology, participates in the employee giving program every year.

“Charity begins at home, and I think this is a fantastic place,” he said.

The goal for this year’s campaign is $200,000 – a $22,000 increase over the previous year. Employees are asked to meet the “Hour of Power” challenge and to donate one hour of pay per month to the campaign by writing a one-time check, completing the online giving form or by participating in monthly payroll deductions. Members of the President’s Cabinet are donating a total of $200,000 on top of any funds raised this year.

“I hope the GHS community is inspired by this generous gift from the leadership team,” Barcus said. “These are people who are truly invested in the future of our enterprise.”
For more information, visit georgiahealth.edu/standupstandout or call Rebecca Bruni at 706-721-4002.


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