New copiers cut costs, improve efficiency for enterprise

A new photocopier contract should save the enterprise $100,000 over the next year while advancing consolidation efforts, according to Greg Woodlief, Director of Materials Management Purchasing.

The move, known as “strategic sourcing” in government contracting circles, consolidates approximately 325 new Konica-Minolta touch-screen copiers into one enterprise-wide service contract with The Pollock Company.

“It’s a way of standardizing. We lowered the cost on the monthly lease rate and our cost per copy. And by contracting all of our machines through one company, we became a priority for them,” Woodlief said.

In addition to lowering costs, the four kinds of copiers from which offices may choose are some of the most advanced on the market. They can copy and collate, scan multiple color documents at a time, then email those documents to a list of recipients. They can also double as a fax machine and hole-puncher. Also, instead of scanning individual pages and manually entering the information into electronic medical records, these copiers scan and email the pages. The records reviewers simply drag the document icon into EMRs.

“Copiers have gone from a one-function unit to an extension of the network. These machines save time, electricity, toner and ink inventory and money,” Woodlief said. “In the Purchasing Department, we’ve removed most desktop printers and instead print to the new multi-functional devices. We are helping the environment while cutting costs.”

Feedback from offices that have received the new machines has been positive. Dianne Norris, Director of Administrative Services for Student Health, said the machines take a smaller bite from her budget and accelerate administrative processes.

“I am thrilled over this new Pollock machine. This is just one more step toward our efforts to improve efficiency and streamline processes,” she said.

Copiers enterprise-wide should be replaced by November, according to Copy Center Manager Steve Nunn. While some offices may experience a short delay in network access, most transitions should be smooth.

“The process will be quick and efficient,” he said.

For more information, contact Nunn at 706-721-3333.


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