Officials ham it up to put MCG First

As part of the new, enterpris-ewide fundraising program, MCGFirst, the MCG Department of Public Safety will host a Kiss a Pig contest. The contest, sponsored by Steed’s Dairy and Edmund’s Barbecue, pits campus employees swino-a-swino to raise the most money for MCG-First.

Parking Manager Debbie Rowland, Chief of Police Bill McBride, Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Murray, Officer Pete Barbara and Vice-President for Administration Michael Ash will all vie to pucker-up to a local porker.

These privileged few will receive the honor of swallowing their dignity, all in the name of the state’s only health sciences university.

“Our volunteers were approached because they’re all natural hams,” said Mandy Flanders, administrative assistant in the Department of Public Safety, who is organizing the event. “But hopefully they won’t hog all the fun.”

The winner will be the person who has the most money donated into their jar in one of five donation areas through Sept. 21. Unfortunately, he or she will also be the loser as the triumphant one will kiss a live pig on Sept. 23 at 11 a.m. in the Public Safety Division’s Vehicle Services area.

Donation receptacles will be located in the Annex II Parking Office, Physical Plant, Student Center Bookstore and HI Parking Office. Flanders previously organized a similar campaign at Piedmont College. She said it was always very popular with students and employees. In its first year at MCG, Flanders hopes to raise $200, all for equipment needed on campus.

“None of it is earmarked for pork barrel projects,” she said.


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